Saturday, 11 June 2011


If at first you do not succeed then try again so here we are again, another sunny day so we set off for Porth Dinllean, bubbly again with swells but not as big as last week.
A cup of tea and some snacks at the Tyr Coch a very pleasant brew stop, the plan then was to partly go over the bay and rock hop back, winds picked up and the sea state picked up as we approached the coast, some confused sea, clapotis appeared some of the cause but as we headed out it became no calmer.
Must say the sea was very warm although I still had no desire to go in.
One of those quiet moments where you concentrate a lot.
I never had any wobbly moments but it was a long slog back in such conditions we reckon it was between a 3/4 and of course no photos on the said route.
Oh yes against the tide each way surely there must be some easy paddles out there.
Another great paddle and some aching muscles slept well that night.

Local Porthmadoc bitter £3.20 so dispelled some rumours re the high price of beer only had a cuppa

Calmed down now, Ga descibed the water state as similar to waves the shape of iced gems very confusing, irregular and for such a long time.

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