Saturday, 11 June 2011


Mrs Jones was out at Chester with the girls so an opportunity for another paddle, Mark and Mike were free so we decided to hit the Straits.
Mike had made a pair of Greenland paddles and had only finished them off at midnight.
Cute alert prior to setting off with the swans and signets.
Off to Caernarfon with the tide for lunch, spotted the small ocean going yacht wow!Lunch at the chuck wagon near the castle so I went for a full bacon, egg and sausage bap well I have been exercising!
Back on the water and with tide and wind we flew back and yes I had a go at the new paddles, fantastic I had dismissed some about 2 years ago at the Anglesey symposium although how I managed such after 2 mins bemuses me now.
Had about 10 mins with them and Mark also had a go.
Must try them again over some distance might be tempted to place an order.....Mike do you do discount for mates????
A great sociable and sunny paddle again.

"Listen Mark the price includes VAT and delivery come on how many?"

And he,s off first attempt of making the paddles and the first water test

$40 million Australian to build crew of 12 and £160,000 to fill, came in last night we spoke to the locals one had piloted it in and had a tour, shown for charter on the www not sure who,s in it this time, perhaps there looking for some talent in Caernarfon, OK stop laughing.

Now that's what you call a great boat.......The Alaw I mean

A full hit bacon egg and sausage and some of Mikes home made bread, paddles and bread what can't he make

Lunch spot

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Dr Blug said...

Great day out, and a good laugh too.

Ideal testing conditions for the 'Formby Finger'; it performed admirably.

That big 'yacht' is an obscenity in my opinion... £262k a week to charter... £13m+income a year+the fuel it uses....IGMC before my brain explodes with anger.