Friday, 3 June 2011


The master plan was to launch from Trefor and use the outgoing tide to go SW as far as we could and then around 1700 travel back on the incoming.
The forecast was showing light winds so on travelling up along the A 499 coast road on glancing out to sea it was a surprise to see some white horses.
The sun shone brightly on my arrival in fact it was a scorcher , the harbour is fairly protected so I walked up to look SW, the sea was lively although there was no wind, we have had some high winds over the last few days so I imagine it was possibly the result of such.
Out past the pier and left turn Clive, no photos and its been a time since I have been in such swell, although close we were losing sight of each other.
I was fairly chilled and our plan was to head for Penrhyn Glas, the winds started to pick up and unfortunately they were behind us meaning that on our return they would be against us, and the tide.
After a while and feeling like a wimp I made a decision to head back, I was well within my comfort zone but considered the return journey.
Back now heading North with still big swells and some white horses; it was one of those paddles that you had to concentrate on and for me bang in a paddle into the beam wave/swell for support.
Back again and inbound coming across a local lad in a Necky, a chat and calm waters again, so back south again, only shortly to be faced with wind over tide.
Another alteration and we headed for home again, landed, Jetboil on for a brew to frustratingly see the sea and winds calm down with that should we have stuck to the original plan, but hind sight is a marvellous thing and for me safety comes first although I still felt like a wimp
A confused route but good training just over 10 miles

Ga chatting to a local


Taran Tyla said...

Fab Scenery, I've totally fallen for the Lleyn Peninsular on a recent trip there.

I go for safety first too so don't feel like a wimp. Yesterday I was tempted to cross the Bristol Channel to Brean Down but was cutting it close with the tides due to it being a 'stupid o clock' paddle.
Rather than push my luck I settled on Flat Holm & Steep Holm & had a great paddle for it :)

soundoftheseagull said...

Taran, appreciate your words of support.

Stuart said...

Skomer Island trip a few weeks ago with a group of about 17. Swell was huge and the wind had been strong previously. I couldn't help being nervous all the way thinking if the wind picks up now we are in for it. I felt like a wimp and if I was on my own or just me and Taran I probably would have thought twice.

And my famous trip out to flat holm which everyone knows ended in disaster. Going out I thought it's going to be wind on tide and could get nasty. I told myself stop being a wimp and look where I ended up.

Give's you an excuse to go back and visit that stunning scenery again on a better day!