Thursday, 2 August 2018

Four days of paddling.......canoes.

First paddle, met Gareth up at Bala on Thursday, 2 August, we tried the sail for the first time, its cheap and cheerful.

Friday and we were joined by Badger

Saturday and a big one just under 21 miles up the Conwy

Day off then an early dart from work and Bala again on Monday

Wind as we went up, a little on the return, big winds on the second session up and none coming back, lol come on the Gods of the winds were taking the mickey

Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Welsh Anglo Tour Series

 Arrived at Andrews around 1830 on Friday to the grand opening of the pub which is conveniently next door to his house, so a few cheeky ones to join in of course.
BBQ and a few drinks, the forecast for Saturday was not good. Andrew worked that morning so on his return although we were aware of the forecasted high winds and rain we decided to paddle.
Andrews house backs onto the Lancaster canal so a left turn.
Seven miles up, what a glorious canal.
On our return, thunder and lighting and some heavy rain but a great afternoon.
Very different in the Canadian different muscles, so another sociable evening in the company of two great guys.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Wild on Anglesey

Three days out onto the Island, Andrew finished work and arrived at the start point at around five pm
Gareth and I had been there for about an hour and had loaded the double up although we were hoping Andrew might have a little spare room, like the Aleut does,nt have enough storage. Well life is too short not to take some luxuries, like three cut glass whisky glasses and a table top BBQ.
Beautiful weather and off we set.
Landed and set up camp, tarps only it was so hot, BBQ on and a few German beers courtesy of Mr Willacey.

Could have been anywhere

What a sunset

A few malts and iced water to end the day

Sunday rush hour
Lots about
Loads of theses on the shore line
Managed to get up some distance up the river

We had a guest for tea on Sunday, Amy had sailed her hand made Canadian down and with the change in the wind decided to stop over night, so never wanting to see anyone go hungry, the table was set for four, she left early on Monday to avoid the winds, we had a lie in.
Our trip back ended up a bouncy ride back with wind over tide, great fun