Thursday, 17 January 2019

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Foryd Bay

The plan was to go up on the flood, lunch and return on the ebb, well best laid plans as the Jones sisters say.
We went left Clive and into the Foryd Baby to explore, a misty day, no troubles with the tides, lol its like a treadmill on the incline settings on.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

An opportunity to get the double out and do some training, so up and down a couple of times, the usual, winds picked up on each occasion we went back up, sods law.

A chat on the water with Ray Goodwin MBE  and his students.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Boxing Day Bash

A chance to blow away the Christmas cobwebs and puddings.
Also an opportunity to see MJJ, it had been a long time.
Launched at Benarth up with the flood and a spectacular view of the sunsetting on our return

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Christmas gathering The Welsh Anglo Tour Series gang

A gathering at Gareths in Carrog and all the beer brewed by our fellow TWAT Mr Bell.
For those who don't know Mr Bell he exceeds at many thing, from building kayaks,Greenland paddles and now Micro brewing.
Exceptional beer, fine food and great company.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Welsh Anglo Series Menorca Tour, 6-12 October

A gathering of the TWATS, myself, Gareth, Ian the Badger and Andrew.
We had decided on a return visit to Es Grau, great place, very quiet and the kayak hire was on our doorstep.
We had booked another venue for accommodation, luckily the place we stayed in last year was booked so we had a fabulous place, roof veranda and also a patio to the front.
We met Badger there he had flown out from Birmingham.
A chilled afternoon and we had planned to book and pay for the kayaks on the Sunday.
So off for a quick walk and of course the local shop to stock up on the essentials.
A lovely evening, the forecast though for Sunday was showing high winds and a storm coming in.

The Team T shirt

Views from the rooftop terrace whilst having cocktails

Sunday and off to pay for the kayaks, collect some kit and a gander at the forecast.
There had been storms in the area for a week, we looked and the winds combined with thunder and lighting made is choose a walk into Mahone the capital and perhaps collect some shopping, about a five mile walk on the road into the city.
Disappointingly all the large stores were closed, so a bite to eat and we walked back.

A good day for..........well its was,nt kayaking 

Not a single drop had
Back to base

Another windy and stormy day predictions for the afternoon, so we were up and out, a relatively quick and short paddle as we could see the weather changing, and the lightning, so back in and then a walk, the best of both Worlds and of course a few beers at the end of the day.  

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Another day of mixed weather, we were aware of more storms approaching, thunder and lighting in the afternoon so we set off and we were aware that they had decided to come early, I've never paddled in such rain and strong winds in our face, but it was very warm. We heard later that day that ten had died this afternoon on Majorca RIP.
Andrew and I walked back into the capital bought provisions fro Lidle and a taxi back our first BBQ on the roof, marvellous meal.

More winds so we decided to complete a walk that we had not manage  last year, to the lighthouse and back, a 14 mile walk so plenty of fluids and after a good breakfast we set off.

Another day and another paddle followed by another BBQ, does it get better

Friday and our last day on the water.
Throughout the week the weather and seas had been getting calmer, although big swells today, its quiet interesting to see your fellow paddlers disappear and at some stages its like your paddling uphill.
Well we had walked there so let,s paddle there, the lighthouse that is, it was a lot easier than the walk.
Another great week of great company, walking, paddling and socialising.