Sunday, 19 June 2011

A windy Rhos on Sea Paddle

The Solstice gathering was cancelled the forecast was pants so we decided to go out locally due to some Saturday socialising by Ga, I took the Scorpio as we intended to do some practising with rescues etc.
The plan was to head East with the tide and then return on the ebb, the scenery is not that interesting so plan B go against the tide and wind and head towards the Great Orme.
That seemed fine in the sunshine and low if no winds at Rhos on Sea.
Wrong, as we left the shelter of Penrhyn Bay we were met with strong winds, head down and a slog, fairly choppy, no photos as I would have been blown back some distance, as we appraoched  the Little Orme head we were met by bigger seas on the corner and yes our return journey would also bring big tides and winds over them to increase the conditions.
We headed East again and had some practise in more choppy seas.
MT celebrated his Wednesday birthday with some fantastic breakfast butties.
Home, BBQ with friends,first lighting of the new chiminea and allegedly I fell asleep in front of it!!!!

Wow does,nt it look great out not

Relatively calm now as we go past the works at Ciolwyn Bay and my first chance to take some photies wish I had my GT

Lunch spot

MT a cake would have done mate Happy Birthday

Cadets, lots of shouting and Maa'm mentioned

My new chimnea

A geat end to the day

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