Saturday, 28 August 2010

Benlech, Moelfre and Red Wharf Bay

We were all free on Friday so in order to miss the bank holiday rush or the lack of parking space we met at Benlech for 10'ish.
Off towards Moelfre and around the small Island loads of sea birds about and then towards Puffin, the seas had been oily but as we left the small Island it gradually picked up, it pushed us along within the last hour of the tide.
Winds picked up yet again and we made the old quarry our lunch spot.
A controlled landing as it,s rocky and an incline, OK for plastic boats.
The weather had now picked up and the white horses were in abundance.
Off we set and headed back into the wind Bala again!
Fairly choppy some concerns about John but he settled in well, although some breaking water and swells it just went under the boats.
The swell increased and on many occasions we would loose sight of each other.(yet again holding onto paddle rather than camera)
Back in and about an hour playing in the small surf a fantastic day and John's most challenging paddle to date he left with a massive smile.

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