Sunday, 5 September 2010

Three glorious days on Anglesey, 1-3 Sept

An invitation of Badger to base ourselves at Red Wharf Bay and with his hospitality and absolutely fantastic weather we had three days of paddling combined with some liquid refreshments and good food.
Day one just under 10 miles to the North and South Stacks, lunch in the cave and rock and cave hoping on the way back.
Day 2 was going to be a shuttle run but we launched from Benlech and headed out towards Puffin, we stopped a few bays before the Island and after lunch decided to paddle back, just under 12 miles.
Day 3 from Penmon to Puffin, loads of seals and pups about, our farewells to the Collins team and down to Beumaris for a brew.
Back then past our launch site and up towards the Island so we drifted back with the wind whilst Ga dropped the fishing line, he tried hard over the three days but without any success.
Just over 12 miles, an Indian summer in the making you know I could get use to paddling every day.

Base Camp,some of Ga's local produce and some more fluids to quench our thirsts Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Hull Dredger Hoveringham sank 28 Jan 1975

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Richard said...

A cracking 3 days paddling, exactly what sea kayaking is all about.
The seals up your way seem a lot friendlier and less bothered about kayakers than in Pembs.