Monday, 23 August 2010

A Phosphorescent paddle

I had often seen paddlers launching in the evening towards the Little Orme, and I was aware of the factor where the seas glow.
It’s to do with the plankton which are a dinoflagellate or pyrrophyta commonly the Noctilusa, a single celled plankton with 2 flagellae measuring about 2mm diameter. They flash blue green for 0.1 to 0....
So we decided to hunt this experience out and launched just after six going against the tide, dropped the line but with no success then through the flow to Hornby cave where we had some bobbly seas, clopotis and stuff, then shot back and across the bay where the moon was trying to get through the clouds.
We approached the Orme and the lights appeared, as you placed your hands in the water they they lite up with particles of glitter.
Also the tips from the flow from the bow shone brightly it was an amazing site to see a magical evening.

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