Friday, 18 December 2009

A cold Straits

You know Xmas is coming sloe gin, stollen, mince pies and gluvine together with good company and paddling.
Also chipping off ice from the cover, washing the kayak off and it freezes and a neighbour from North Norway stating its cold brrrrrr
Must be mad but we met at Caernarfon and it was our first meet with Ian and his son Paul.
Ian had placed a posting on NWSK’s and as a result we set off into a cold and strong NE wind.
Some tide left but it was a slog with the wind in your face.
Lunch was an abandoned bungalow where we sheltered from the elements, hot gluvine and Christmas treats were had by all.
Back in and then a play in the flow with some ferry gliding.
Just over 8 ½ miles but today was about meeting new folk and sharing festive treats.

Track with some obscure line from home, just over 8.4 miles John,Ga,Ian and Paul
Launch spot

Ian and JW

Snow Brrr cold in them hills never mind us with a chill factor -5

Ian and his hat

Mince pies, sloe gin, stollen and gluvine

Ga being silly or the new Freya..give us a hand stand!!!!! Caernarfon castle

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