Saturday, 12 December 2009

Conwy to Puffin

We launched from the beacons welcomed by a seal it might be the resident from previous months, off and out towards Puffin. Glorious seas and sun, and after a short while to see a large pod of Dolphins in the distance. Although some distance away they were clearly visible and what a performance, leaping well out of the water.
We paddled towards them and tried to catch a few on vid and photo, as normal we couldn’t document such and give it the feeling of the experiences we had.
Back on track and next stop Puffin the wind had now picked up and Ga could be seen clearly fighting with the Scorpios ability to stop weather cocking.
A quick bite due to increase winds and cold and off we set, two yellow kayaks had landed further up and a bouncy and wet ride home.
The wind was sapping and after a while the conversation stopped and we went into the zone.
It seemed like ages to get back and I must confess it was tiring.
The seal appeared again just as we landed, a fantastic paddle and a magical moment with the Dolphins.
17 miles in total no doubt we will all sleep well tonight.
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