Monday, 21 December 2009

Winters walk in Carrog

Views from the back of Ga's house

Mum had come up for the weekend so it was a gathering at Ga's for a pre-Xmas celebrations and the exchange of gifts as they were travelling back home on Monday.
Sunday arrived and we were woken by a dump of snow which on the coast is fairly unusual.
Spoke to Ga and although his lane was not passable other than by 4x4 we travelled up there.
Main roads clear and I parked the car at the bottom of his lane, shuttled up there and a very pleasant evening.
A walk to select and cut down a tree followed by a walk in the hills.
Fantastic views with that distinctive sound of snow below your feet, some drifts and snow up to our knees.
Gareth's Jack Russel had her personals continually covered in snow...bless.

A wintry walk Ice in part of an old quarry


Now that's fresh and local..the tree

Which one should I have????? Ga its the one on the left!

So much choice

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