Thursday, 17 September 2009

Night on the Conwy

Well like buses the Conwy paddle has come in threes over the last month, call off John stating he was out with a mate and intending to go up the Conwy on Wednesday on a night tab.
High tide at Conwy was 2200 so travelling to the top, the water takes another hour or so to turn, so yes it would be dark.
Set off from the Morfa on the first hour, again more to see, we came across an old friend who was preparing to set off for Dublin with his wife within their power boat.
I had often looked for his boat and he had accurately described its location but I for some reason had never suspected it to be the splendid craft in front of us.
He was intending to set off on the following morning, we discussed the winds like you do and off we set.
Came across the seal again which was exciting for John as this was his first encounter whilst paddling.
Explored our way through the channels and took in the views and sunset, only to be followed by darkness and a fabulous show of both stars and shooting stars.
Supper at the usual in Trefriw, and back down.
Light sticks on and occasionally a head torch for evading the rushes, loads of foam and debris on the water.
Shot through the bridges and took in Conwy at 0130 hours very quiet.
Johns torch went down so a lesson on carrying some spares in the future, back home and in bed for 0230 yawn!

Hefyn and just one of his boats
Hefyns other one, and off to Dublin Thursday

Silly photo well how else do you get a piccie on?

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"Strong with the force young Skywalker"-you ARE Alec Guiness in that hat