Sunday, 20 September 2009

Overnight in Porth Eilian

A two dayer launching from Porth Eilian and going up to Cemlyn Bay and down to Ynyas Dulas the following day.
We camped approximately two hundred meters from the bay in a great camp site.
The first day was the best for weather, short cags with blue skies and seas, we were on the last couple of hours of the tide so it was good to get John on some small over falls, as normal along this coast there is always some tidal flows.
Rock hoping and cave hunting, hundreds of gallons of water flowing out of Wylfa Power station making the water noticeably warmer by several degrees, lots of folks fishing near to the site so the usual Simpsons and Futurama jokes re the three headed fish!
We saw the usual pod of Porpoise that take full advantage of the strong tidal flows it must concentrate the shoals of fish again a first for John.
Landed at Cemlyn Bay to a very strong smell, and we had noticed a gathering of folk near to the water’s edge so a chance to stretch our legs.
It was sadly the discovery of a dead Dolphin which was interestingly having a PM, speaking to the wardens the Marine Conservation Society had brought up a pathologist from London.
It appeared that the splien was enlarged it should be the size of a fist where this one was well the size of two rugby balls and it just looked and sounded like expanding foam.
The guys were very helpful and more than willing to explain what they were doing fascinating stuff if you can tolerate the blood and guts and yes the smell!
A paddle back and after pitching tents a well deserved brew followed by a stir fry pork thingy with beers, wine and spirits.
It was just over 20 miles so there were some tired muscles.
Up and back onto the water again although John was tired, well come on, he’s paddled for about two months and already this week we had done over 40 miles so well done, a short one this time down to a favourite spot Ynys Dulas, as normal loads of seals some big bulls a great experience for John his first session with seals, they followed us around darting in and out.
A quick brew and off, we were duly escorted away by the seals, back in and a session on various strokes, edging and finished with John doing a rescue on Gareth.
It had been just over 7 miles but the mileage did not matter there had been some great experiences with the seals.
A fantastic two days with great company, weather, food and drink.
Out Saturday at friends with the threat of a slow death if I fell asleep, just about survived!!!!

A PM taking place a very unusual splien

Alaw and GT Ga,Dave,John,Dave

Day Two Paddle to Ynys Dulas
John first rescue1 1 1/2 mins well done

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