Sunday, 13 September 2009

Llanddwyn Island

The forecast looked spectacular with sun and very little winds so the world was our oyster well ok Anglesey which is the pearl in my oyster!
Although the tide was coming in throughout there’s not much flow along the South West coast so we launched from Cable Bay to go to our favourite lunch spot of Llanddwyn Island.
Oily seas and fantastic sunshine, game across a young guillemot a tad too tame and we were able to get very close to it seemed transfixed in pruning itself anyway more about that later.
Came across a fellow paddler who snapped a shot of us, in the same kayak and colour as Johns.
Lunch on the Island relaxed and took in some rays.
Loads of SOT’s about and one with a dog in the back, what’s that all about.
Back on the water with the wind starting to pick up, wind over tide making the sea a tad more interesting, small white horses nothing big but enough to focus John.
It was a relief actually because although occasionally pleasant a very flat and calm sea makes the paddle feel longer somehow?
Back into Cable Bay to come across the little guillemot again still pruning and obviously not right.
Loads of SOT’s about 20 in total for the day and an usual pet on the beach a small horse which had been transported there, horse box on the car park and roaming around like a large dog, didn’t see the pooper scooper!
Just over 14.1 miles in total.

Still there!


Me and the GT

JW and Ga

First sighting of the guillemot

homeward bound

Lunch spot

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