Friday, 23 January 2009

Llangollen canal training

Looked at the forecast and again for the week and weekend high Westerlies. Looked at the inland areas and again our usual lakes showed strong winds.
So on the off chance I checked Gareth's area and Llangollen which is about 10 mins away looked promising indicating at the most 13 mph. So what about taking Peters double kayak out again and using the canal and the relative cover from the elements to do some paddle fitness? Suggestion accepted I was up and out for 0700 breakfast at Ga,s and a gentle start getting on the water around 1100. An interesting launch due to the drop on the canal bank but we managed it.
A cold day and I actually stated that if we went in we were homeward bound, kag and dry pants today leaving my new dry suit at home. A wobbly start and for a change it was Gareth, directions from the rear to chill and off we went.
A completely different feel within a double and it took us a while to settle.
Over the aqueduct, it was tight and whats more the winds were strong, into an opening to be faced by a footbridge.
You could wind it up but to be honest we could,nt be bothered to alight and do the portage so about turn and back we headed.
Met a group which appeared to be guided in Canadians and also many barges occupied with the lovely smell of the log burners. Just under 11 miles, max speed of 8.5 mph and an average of 3.7, aren't GPS,s great.

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