Friday, 9 January 2009

A cold paddle on Bala

We had planned to go out this coming Saturday and combine it with Dave's visit to Mike's at Rockpool for some minor repairs.
Unfortunately the forecast was showing extremely high winds over the weekend so Ga and I opted for the Friday club. Ga had to collect Rhiannon so to maximise the four hours I suggested we use Bala for some paddle fitness.
Also a good opportunity to test my left shoulder and ribs after my fall on the slopes last week.
A cold start showing 0 on the car gauge, hands were initially cold but once the sun came out and we got back into the routine it turned out to be a pleasant paddle.
To the top for a very quick brew stop and then back down and then off to the car park.
We were in the process of loading the boats, and Ga was pleased to show off his new Karitek rack when the blooming warden arrived.
We now have his life story, Bill an ex graphic designer who retired at 45! how dare he beat me.
A very pleasant guy and we chatted for about 10 mins before being hit with our £3.50 launching fee....each and guess who had no money Ga he's like royalty!
No problems we have got away with it for years so a cheap day.
Pleased again with the dry suit, very little moisture within and yet again dry feet.
Our first paddle of 2009, he's to many more.

Simon says left hand on head

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