Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Skerries

From Cemlyn Bay to Dafarch just over 18 miles.
Its a section of the coast of the Island that I have never done so when the opportunity arose to go with Mike I grabbed it.
Its a demanding paddle as this is one of the most exposed coastlines in Wales and its a classic paddle.
Its filled with a mixture of tidal streams and overfalls, although we had chosen a neap tide and allegedly small winds easterly so with us.
Ga had a family crisis so it was just the two of us.
Met at Dafarch and did the shuttle trip, on the water just after 10.
I looked out and immediately so the flows off to the left of the bay.
Together ith the classic phrase "we need to keep tight" I knew it would not be a walk in the park.
Off onto the roller coaster and that did not stop until we were sucked through into the sheltered bay near the lighthouse.
Because of the flow it was a battle to keep paddling heading east so you can get to the north side of the island.
Its amazing how quickly it picks you up.
A quick bite and off, the seas outside our calm retreat were clearly visible and flowing well.
Mikes main concern was the HSS Explorer we had experienced the swell off this craft last year it big.
Held back at Langden Bridge and radioed into the Coast guard they confirmed times and we stayed put.
It was travelling at 40 knot's and 13 miles away.
It came into site and off we set about 2/3 miles away from the vessel, still some swell although it appeared to slow down not sure if they were informed of our presence but well worth the contact.
The wind and tide helped us throughout, nearly touched 10 miles and hour at one stage, North and South stacks and a slog back in.
Perfect timing and planning from Mike.
Ah, well my most demanding paddle to date, loads of different conditions,an exercise in trying to relax!
A fantastic day and a hard paddle we were both knackered.
Met some other paddlers who had been rock hopping and realised one was Mary from Facebook.
We had been in contact for some time but had never had the chance to paddle.
What a way to celebrate my wife's birthday.
Home, kit cleaned, shower, champagne and out for a meal.

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