Sunday, 18 May 2008

Birthday Beach BBQ

It’s been an annual event for the last four years and it appears to be getting bigger.
What am I on about well it the Beach BBQ and we usually have the first one in May which coincides with Margaret’s birthday.
So as it was her birthday on Friday, Saturday seemed ideal.
The venue Barkby beach and this time around 25 of us.
The day came and the weather looked bleak. Some calls off the new folks enquiring if it was still going ahead, of course it was.
A few shuttle runs and some wood dropped off for the fire.
The sailing club sent over some heavies as we were unloading the wood, well we did look suspicious, but after some reassurances and name dropping they were happy we were not fly tipping.
What a mixed night, some rain, wind but hey good food company and spectacular venue over came everything.
A great fire and to time, high tide at 2230 a few feet from the fire and it turned.
Another great BBQ and some new converts.

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