Friday, 15 February 2008

Centre Parcs 2008

Centre Parcs again!
Last minute plans as a result of a mail from them and 30% off an executive villa.
So some quick calls to see who could join us and it ended with Stuart, Carole and their son Ga.
Fantastic weather, loads of cycling, a BBQ and the sauna.
Margaret won the Bowling compertition much to the annoyance of Ga, well he is a competitive 13 year old male.
A great week which went far too quickly.
An unexpected but pleasant break and a return to Nottingham

The Sauna or Oven

Smoke but no flame years of practise

Cold and crisp morning followed by bright sun in Feb!

The gang

Mag and Beth loads of cycling

Mags Bowling Champion 2008!

Just a small one well it warms you up.

Beth in action

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