Sunday, 10 February 2008

Walk with Chris and Rhian

The end of a rather energetic week but the consequences have been the realisation of my age.
Why well on Friday I woke up with a bad back and analised why such has happened.
With a quick consultation with Margaret we quickly came to the conclusion that carrying my niece on my back for 3 ½ miles did not help matters.
Anyway Margaret and I were alone on Saturday night and took the opportunity to go out for a quiet meal within the town.
Only a curry but it was delightful.
We planned that Sunday would be a fairly quiet day and alcohol free.
Phone call am from Chris and Rhaine for a walk.
Off we set up the hill and it’s a hell of a climb, sea mist on the coast and considerable cooler than the sun drenched tops.
A quick drink at the Eagle and Child and then back on the walk.
Approximately 7 miles followed by some light liquid refreshment at home .

Horses on Barkby Beach

Chris and Rhian in the Sea Mist

The Warren

Sun and Mist

Gop Hill

A quick drink locally known as the Bird and Bastard

Gwaenysgor Village

The hill
More hills

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