Thursday, 29 November 2007

Canadian Canoeing

Went up to big brothers on Wednesday afternoon, the master plan being that I was there on Thursday morning in order to load the Canadian canoe and we were to meet Peter at Padan Lake for some instruction.
Ga is planning to redo the 2 star test.
We did it two years ago but it’s all changed, and for some inexplicable reason even if you have no desire the syllabus includes tests within an open boat like why?
Went out around 6 for a walk with the kids and dogs, the sky was amazing clear and due to the lack of light pollution really spectacular, loads of stars, some shooting stars a great walk.
Back for bathing duties, little ones to bed and one of Ga,s feasts, oh yes with some Munich lagers, red wine, well two bottles and a fine brandy to settle the stomach, hic!
Up and out Thursday a tad peaky but still, took ages through road works to get there so due to time with Ga doing the test I left them to it and went for a walk.
Ga realised after nearly two hours that there is more to it and more practice is required for solo paddling.
We bought the boat between us and we usually double up and just well blast about, so the solo side appears to be more skills and a tad more sedate, pipe and Tilley hat.

The sky at night

Where is Amy?

OK it was from a different day

Views from the lake


Fine views

The boys


Its green

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