Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ladies never wear an I-pod whilst in the country

Went up to Ga’s again on Wednesday it’s the old swinging blue lamp club, well a brothers gathering and an excuse for beer and wine.
His wife is usually away so its dam good company.
No paddling plans this week with 35 mph winds gusting so off again to the favourite reservoir.
Although overcast and rain was imminent due to cags you could have skinned a pig it was that bloody warm, talk about sweating, reduced the time again 1.22 and we went the opposite way and so saw a load of new views.
One in particular was a young ladies bottom whilst obviously caught short.
God bless we came around the corner and well you couldn’t miss it.
Being gents we did an about turn and let her adjust accordingly.
So some advice, never have your I-pod on whilst pissing as you cannot hear oncoming joggers.
Oh yes we felt that we might have some man flu brewing ha!

Loads of water today
Never noticed that island

We'll have a drink at the top!

OK a fence

A Bridge

Lovely colours

That moss stuff

Again, must look good in a frost


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