Monday, 1 October 2007

Porth Daffarch/ Llanddwyn camp trip

For my brother and I it was our first overnighter in the kayaks.
Perhaps a bit late for that, now is that in relation to our ages, both 50 and above or the fact it was September.
Now taking into account that 50 is the new 40 possible invented by the over 40,s we had a pass out for the last couple of week s for the trip.
Unfortunately due to both wind strengths and tides we had cancelled it on a couple of occasions.
Imagine our delight when we saw that last Thursday and Friday 27/28th September had low winds and due to the area fairly low tidal streams.
Those forecasts are great it showed winds of 8 mph I wish, more like 15/20 anyway if you paddle it didn’t seem that bad from the shore.
The call went in for a positive and we planned the trip down to the finest points, couscous or pasta red or white wine.
Launched from Port Dafferch and then diverted up to the Stacks before heading for the camp site Llanddwyn Island.
I can honestly say that during our mid week paddling we have rarely seen anyone around Anglesey, imagine our delight, fully laden in our Rockpools with designer baseball caps as supplied by Mike to meet around 15 NDK dealers including the guru Nigel Dennis.
It was a trade meet and in fairness Mr Dennis paddled up to us and had a conversation, what a gent.
Off again to Rhoscolyn only again to meet more paddlers from a local centre who were on a staff trip!
Landed for a brew and off again.
The plan had been to gently tab around 18 miles to our destination, take in the views but unfortunately due to strong beam winds we traversed across the bays and arrived fairly tired at our base camp Alpha.
The winds and conditions were taxing with weather cocking and dependant on the day a wet right or left arm and soaked spray deck.
We had a reprieve of around 3 miles at both ends which raised spirits.
Within the hour tent pitched and second brew on.
Hadn’t taken on enough fluids slight headache but with the hot sweet tea back on track and looking forward to some food.
Tea sorted apart from the slight distraction of the small fox.
I have seen many but not as close and as cheeky, at least within 4 feet and oblivious to our human threats.
Supper sorted accompanied by 2 glasses of red and bed.
A couple of yachts’ moored nearby, heard one drop sail and away in the night.
A gentle paddle back ha! Another 70% of beam winds and a roller coaster ride through Rhoscolyn.
A classic wind over tide with the full flow through the Rhoscolyn straights!
Passed by a lobster boat even that struggled, they must have thought we were mad!
Calm around the corner and the finish in site, don’t know if having the GPS helps as we guessed the mileage back to find we were hopelessly under and had 3 miles to go.
Back tired but a great experience and the seed now firmly sown for more.
The Alaws had sufficient storage for the outing in fact we had spare capacity, even brought a bottle of red back!
The Church in Porth China

The boys
Camp site

Views near Rhoscolyn

The Start at Porth Daffarch, Anglesey

Nigel Dennis and a trade gang outing, South Stacks

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