Thursday, 20 September 2007

Conwy 20/09/07

Best made plans!!!

We had a pass out for two days and had originally planned an overnighter around Anglesey.

I even bought a new 2 person tent, well there was £30 pound off it so thats what I saved, mmm retail therapy NOT.

Looked all week and the North Wales coast did not and was not promising regarding the wind.

Left it till this morning and still the winds came.

The overnighter was off and we saved that for another date, hopefully soon.

Planned to go to the west side of Anglesey Cable Bay head South and return.

Drove to our meeting spot in Bangor, water was white and winds high so we reviewed the plans, caught Gareth on the phone A5 at Bewts so plane B Conwy river.

Winds still high so we bimbled about with fishing lines, not a blooming bite, winds died down and it turned into a wonderful evening, well we are Conwy boys.

Tried to go up past Glan Conwy but it was a slog so again back and more fishing, well tried to, nothing.

Cup of hot chocolate and back home for seven.

There is always next week!

Only a few photos taken within the cover of the harbour, flat battery, landed only to realise that the spare was in Margarets handbag which well is no use to man or beast.

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