Friday, 12 October 2007

West Shore, Ormes trip, Friday 12th October

Managed to get out last it had been almost a fortnight since we had been on the water.
Started early, well for me and we met at West Shore Llandudno at 0800.
Winds were shown as low and dieing to nothing by the afternoon.
A misty morning when we set off, went with Ga and Ade, had,nt seen Ade for some weeks.
Got to the mouth of the estuary and as per normal a big swell and waves from all directions.
We paddled out some distance to try and avoid the melly of the Great Orme clapotis etc.
A roller coaster ride again but gets the adrenaline going.
Paddled using the tide to the Little Ormes head, decided not to land at Angel Bay and went into Llandudno sand landing near the pier.
Lunch then caught the tide again and we were able to hug the coastline and take in the views.
Did around 14 miles all of us tired today.
Ga had his flu jab yesterday, its his age! Ade and I possably self abuse!
The sea was completely different on the return and ended up oily as we landed.
A good mornings paddle and good to get out.


Ga had just assisted Ade with a stuck skeg

Little Ormes head

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Anonymous said...

Steady with the age thing old boy!!!

Thinking about you out there while I do PTA things today

hey Ho

Tide racing east Anglesey tomorrow!!!