Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Rhos on Sea and around the Ormes

Met at Rhos for 1530, 13/09/07 Gareth, Ade and myself, a still afternoon with little wind.

Relatively calm for about 10 mins then with the last two hours of the tide and the wind picked up, made it interesting and wind over tide for a slog until the relative cover of the Big Orme.

Joined by a hovercraft that did two runs into and out of Llandudno, never seen that before.
A bit of cave hoping on the Little Orme
with a low tide it was a new find.
Tea at Pigeon bay then off for some fishing,
Ga was desperate to catch his supper.
This he nearly did after taking the snaps he was just about to let the Pollock meet its maker swinging it back for a head strike to the front of the cockpit when splash followed by several swear words.It had escaped and was no longer on the Joneses menu.
We did,nt half have a laugh well Ade and I did.
Paddled back and a first for most as we arrived back in darkness, a great evenings paddle, and one definitely the Pollock would remember.

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