Tuesday, 18 September 2007

MTB Marin trail 12/09/07

After our first outing last week in Llandegla we thought we would try our luck over 17 miles of the Marin trail in Bewts Y Coed.Arrived at the car park for ten, first spot of luck a broken machine so we were free of the £1 charge!

The weather was fine so this could be the start of a good day.

As normal straight into an accent which appeared to go on and on and on.The terrain was a lot rougher than last week and although aware of the dangers from the boulder's as stated on the www it was a lot harder than last weeks red run.

With the cover from the trees we were relatively covered from the suns rays but due to the terrain and the physical demands I cannot recall the last time I perspired so much.

It was literally pouring off me.

Luckily I had a Camelback and bottle.

We stopped for lunch after a couple of hours

and it was the first tome to take in the views.

Only a short stop as we soon started to cool down.

After that it was straight onto a difficult accent and Chris,s first tumble, one of two although nothing serious the old school boy scuffed knees.

Some sections we decided to dismount and after approximately three hours we paddled into the car park.

A great day, aching bodies, arms, wrists, knees and legs.

The track although longer by six miles compared to last week the paths were harder and obviously not as man made as the Llandegla trail.

A large amount of climbing with very rocky paths.

A relief to have survived with only on my side aches and pains and a few grazes on Chris.

On arriving at the car park there was a group of around 10 guys and girls ready and looking fresh to start.

The fools if only the knew what lay ahead!

A great day and one for the diary or Blog!

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