Friday, 2 September 2016

Windy paddle, fishing and the Ormes

We met at Craig Y Don, whilst waiting the winds picked up but on seeing the guys on the shore line hauling in mackerel there was no way I could spoil Ga,s fun.
We headed for the pier and it was a slog, the winds had picked up.
Some cover past the prom and then the sea just boiled with a white bait type small silvery fish, thousands of them.
They were shortly joined by the mackerel.
We paddled towards Hornby caves with some big swells.
I expected the seas to pick up as as  usual we were against the tides.
Lines dropped and throughout the day about 30 mackerel, apart fro 6 good sized ones the rest went back.
Across the harbour with some interesting beam seas to the Little Ormes and as with the start a slog against the winds back.9 miles fish for tea and a bloody great day.

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