Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ormes with MTJ and Mike

Forecast seemed good, low winds 2,s and 3,s, woke up and saw Easterlies in double figures knowing there might be some wind over tide.
Thought I,d assess on the day with Mike and MTJ
We arrived 11,ish and set off around the Little Ormes.
Lots of firsts, seeing climbers on the Little Orme, a  Kingfisher following the rock face and appeared to be feeding.
Also on the low tide went into the cave and found another cave fantastic, loads of seals.
Off towards Llandudno and a stop for Mike to stretch his legs.
Then around the corner where there was the usual movement of water.
A pit stop for lunch during which you could see a build up of the winds and some white horses.
It was then five minutes of fun trying to get back into Llandudno and the guys did well.

Lunch spot

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