Thursday, 9 June 2016

Two day,ish meet

The Friday meet grew some little legs and we decided to meet up Thursday afternoon.
A couple of hours off work and I met Ga at Benlech at about 3.
Badger was on route to the van making it a threesome.
Some logistical problems as we had planned to take two doubles and we had confirmation from 3 paddlers.
A great chap and all round good egg Mike Marshall was to meet us Friday so all sorted.
Launch from Benlech and headed for Puffin Island realising that it would be a late finish so cut it short to a quick 10 miler, some fishing, but no success.
Drinkies and BBQ and a launch  the following day from Rhoscolyn up to Dafarch.
Absolutely fecked with a chest infection I should have stayed at home but hey its paddling.

Friday,s paddle

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