Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Welsh Anglo Tour Series

The original plan was to meet Thursday and have an overnighter with some wild camping.
Many of us had taken time off work and as normal the weather was a tad iffy.
So some weeks ago we had an offer of a caravan at a reasonable price a short distance from Church bay which guaranteed us a dry evening.
Badger could only stay over Thursday so with the four of us we decided on a mixture of doubles and singles.
So two paddles, Thursday and Friday in the doubles and the three of us in singles on Saturday.
Thursday we launched from Bull Bay turned right and off we went.

Dolphins off Porth Linas, which was fairly flat for springs, a bit breezy which is the norm for Bull Bay

Amlwch Port

Second day which was very windy, lots of debate, arrived at Penmon, very breezy, some debate go on lets go for it.
A great bouncy paddle towards the bridges, a pit stop for lunch and what we though would be a ride home demonstrated the complexities of the Straits.
Some parts against us some with us and waters meeting.

......and there off


Badger left us, another BBQ and guests!
Saturdays paddle was the plane lol
Church bay and right turn, an area we were familiar with but the tiderce at Carmel head on Springs was very interesting.
Did I or we cope yes of course, was my leg initially shaking like a shitting dog well yes.
Such and a classic plan to come back within the first hour of the ebb, it will not be that bad.
Shite it was the biggest seas I,d been in but great fun and a massive confidence booster.
No photos on the roller coaster ride there or back.

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