Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Welsh Anglo Tour Series

 Gareth and I went early and launched from Penmon around 4,ish  on Thursday it seemed such a long time since I,d padded.
Off towards the bridges and hopefully fish on the menu for supper

Tea,s sorted

Bangor eye!

Back in before the bridges the light was fading fast
Day 2
Cable Bay and initial plans to head for Llanddwyn Island
Cable Bay

We had a call off Badger so a quick stop for some adjustments on a dumping beach, just about 1/2 out and I,m going backwards OK not quick enough but determined not to get a dunking!
Timed launch

Missed the main photo Ga,s kayak nearly vertical!

Badger arrives

Watched some racing one went up on the surf ad landed badly
Some inflatable SOT,ers

Some big swells bulling up

Day 3

Original launch spot risk assessed and we moved on

The only ones on our outing honest Mags xxx

Swells were like mountains today

Jelly Babies Ga owed Badger some
Well we needed to replenish fluids

The Badger

That went on Thursday night and off Sunday morning after the bacon and toast

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