Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dave Flowers first sea paddle

A couple of weeks ago, Pete texted me about Dave. He’d been to the pool sessions a couple of times and lived in Conwy. He was looking for some company in order to get out onto the sea. An evening paddle was arranged and the plan was to bag the Ormes, well that was the plan, you know July, sun, sea and a great first sea paddling experience. NOT, the pictures don’t reflect the conditions, with some waves breaking on the shore line it was decided not to go around the Great Orme. Peter was happy to go right and we headed off towards the Little Orme, some swell some white horses and as we approached the corner to confused seas. Dave did very well and we made it to the next bay a sterling performance, with clapotis on the corner and again a controlled and guided landing to a dumping beach. A pit stop and it did calm down a tad, back on and across the bay to bean seas. Some rescue practise and back in. Well done that man a few twitches but apart from the controlled soaking he did very well.

Where did you come from?

Where off

"Pete, Pete your kayak you have forgotten it"

Little Orme and some calmer conditions

Rescue drills

A sterling first effort on the seas well done

Guys this is how you do it



3 that's all there is to it

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