Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cable Bay to Llanddwyn Island and return

A fantastic day on Anglesey, and although I,d paddled the Taran some time ago it had been for a short tab and under circs where I was baby sitting someone else. It initially felt tippy but that goes as the day progressed. The sea was still and oily on the way to Llanddwyn so apart from some swells from the coast there was no test re handling. As we left Llanddwyn we paddled against the tide and wind and had a few white horses nothing big but a great intro into the waves, first difference very little hull slapping and the handling improves as the seas pick up! The seat needs some adjustment in relation to the back rest I,ll have a look at that next time, first impressions are very very good. Saw my first Tern, along with some Canadian Geese, and a couple of Choughs. Also surprised a guy in a secluded bay he was as naked as a Jay bird bless, a great day on the Island.

What a start to the day

Lunch spot

First impressions are wow what a mile eater, very different feel and  I settled down as the day progressed.

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Taran Tyla said...

I don't remember you paddling me???