Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rockpool trials

I met Dave a couple of months ago whilst at the gym he'd seen the rack on my car and we had been out on one occasion.
He mentioned an interest in Rockpool kayaks so arrangements were made to take a few out. Dave J was off and also on the Island and fancied taking the Taran out and a non Dave Mark joined us.
We launched from Dafarach and headed out towards Trearddur Bay, the tide was ebbing and as a result of the Springs there was a good flow.
I was conscious of Dave J in the Taran as it was bobbly but in fairness he did well demonstrating that the kayak has good stability.
He kept smiling so something was right.
There was unfortunately a load of sea mist out and it was fairly thick so we remained close to the shore and the objective was for the other Dave to try out the Gt and Alaw.
A stop for lunch and the sea had now started to flatten out.
Dave did not want to swap his Gt so I did with Dave's Taran, far too many Dave's about.
What a fantastic kayak, all it wanted to do was go and even with minimal effort it was clearly apparent that this was a fast machine, JW watch out ha!
A completely different feel to my GT, it had stability and even for a mere mortal I remained upright and dry.
Its a Ferrari rather than a GT and I encourage all to have a go, if its a kayak to cover distance this is the one and if you check my track we still did a load of rock hopping.
Its the first time I have paddled a kayak with a rudder and that took some getting use to but it turned well.
Back to Rockpool for a brew and I left Dave to discuss the final points as he was definitely sold on the GT.

Work on at the moment so be prepared to carry

It will look good, its a fantastic bay even without the alterations

Demo GT

A very black demo Alaw

On patrol

Dave in the GT

Another Dave and another Rockpool the Taran

Porth Dafarch

SOT's some in trunks...don't think so!

Kids and water looks good fun

The Adams Family house looking even spookier in the mist



My go what a fantastic kayak

Lunch spot GT, Alaw, Marks Alaw and the Taran

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