Sunday, 20 March 2011

Equinox celebrations

This Equinox gathering had been planned by Ian and we were on the guest list along with Mike.
The caravan is in a fantastic position overlooking Red Wharf bay and also this time of year offers a warm bed for the night, although my ear plugs are now an essential accessory when in the same room as two other guys, it’s almost like the watering hole in the African planes.
Gareth and I decided on route to bag a paddle in on Friday and although some portage was inevitable at the end we launched from Penmon.
The sun shone and the conditions were phenomenal, off towards Puffin and met by the usual entourage of seals and also many young pups.
We moved out in order not to disturb them, there were many groups basking on the rocks, and it was so sunny that steam came off their bodies.
I have never seen so many on the island at least a hundred.
We then headed west no actual plane but just enjoying the conditions, we ended up at our usual stop near to Pentrellwyn, the old quarry.
A brew and then we headed back along the coast, through the sound and back to Penmon.
We arrived at the van and shortly after Mike joined us together with his chilli and rice, a few beers, well ok a lot and a late celebration for Ian’s 60th, cake supplied and made by Mike.
A leisurely start on Saturday and the weather had changed dramatically, winds and cloud.
Ian and Mikes second paddle this year so with the wind we headed again for Pemnon and headed SW towards Beaumaris, tide and wind against us but there was the advantage on the return leg.
A cupper at Beaumaris and Mike and Ian headed back, Ga and I slogged upwards and onwards and it was hard work the winds were strong but we continued on past the pier at Bangor.
It’s always a surprise to see how shallow the Straits gets, finally and with tired bodies we turned back and flew back with wind and tide.
As with the high spring tide there was also the low meaning some potage but well worth it.
Back to the van to watch the rugby which I will not make any further comment on and a very pleasant evening with a succulent piece of venison and stir fried vegetables followed by my caterpillar birthday cake for Ian and yes more beers, wines, ciders and whisky, great company once again.

Puffin Island ahead

Brew stop

"Lemon drizzle cake do yee contain any nuts"

High waters at Penmon

Bangor pier

Beumaris brew stop

Some carrying required

Who's that strangely dressed man?
More tea vicar

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Stuart said...

Thanks for comment on my blog. Looked like a nice trip you did there, great weather for it! shame about the rugby score, awful! I've been meaning to get up north, one for the stunning coast and scenery and secondly to demo some Rockpools, lovely looking boats. I'll take the long trip up the A470 one day.