Wednesday, 8 September 2010


We went in well I did literally, I got caught pants down in some swirling pools which turned the boat around and I tried a low brace which unfortunately went into the hole of the swirl.
I can assure all that the water was warm, and it was funny although not much laughter from either of us as Mark endeavoured to paddle through the confused water to get to me.
A change for Mark to have the shoe on the other foot and his first rescue in anger.
Back in and realised my bloomin Tilley hat had gone.
Mark you should have rescued the hat first!
The ironic thing was that the water was covered in that foamy scum and on approaching what I thought was my hat turned out to be the foam.
Gone, no point in wasting any more time.
I can fully recommend the Reed tops, not the cags but my short sleeved top, no discomfort or soggy sensation at all.
Up past the bridge at Dolgarrog and yes once more with Mark have a fishing guy shout and point out that we are not allowed on that section of the fully tidal river, a little discussion took place and we continued on up for lunch.
Just over 20 miles, 23C, and feeling fairly fresh, and now in full mourning for my Tilley hat.

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