Sunday, 19 September 2010

Caernarfon Bar

Chris was still suffering with an MTB shoulder injury so he did,nt want the usual Jones trip so with me going out to friends for six the Straites seemed handy.
Launched from Dinorwic and Caernarfon Bar for lunch.
A slog going with the wind in our faces but stayed in the flow and fun with the effects of wind over tide.
Chris had,nt see the mouth to the Staites so after that excitement we had lunch.
Rain came in so a quick bite and off with both tide and wind to push us back.
Home just before five so all happy and always a pleasure to get out irrespective of the location or its familiarity.

Keep going you can just about see the sand dunes of the bar ahead Its quiet a surprise to see the size or lack of it to the entrance of the Straights

Lunch spot

Wind over tide going, but minimal effort on the return journey surfed back

This was the first of six similar yachts that passed in line something on?

It did,nt appear bothered about the collision course I was on

Now you see me

Now you don,t, saw about 3 not bothered how close we got to them

Loads of activity at Plas Menai

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