Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bangor to Caernarfon

After a fantastic week away in Croatia with my better half with the ½ board and free drinks I was slightly unsure if I would fit into the cockpit, ha!
Back to work on Monday and the holiday indicator the waist on my pants didn’t appear that bad.
Wanted to get out on many occasions but weather and circumstances preventing such.
Working but Mark and Peter were available for an evening launch.
Spoke to Peter and a suggestion to go from Bangor Pier to Caernarfon, it meant a shuttle but Mark and I managed that prior to Pete finishing work.
Off we set and a great place to launch, car parking and toilets although I can imagine during the day it can be busy.
Mark had not paddled under the bridges and likewise through the swellies and I could sense the apprehension, his face said it all.
Peters very experienced and a coach and although we had no plans to play we were in his hands.
This is his stomping ground and although I have been there on a few occasions it’s a completely different type of paddle.
We were in the first two hours of the ebb and there was only a slight flow, still enough and a great way to introduce Mark to this fantastic stretch of water.
Chilled out but as we got to Britannia bridge Peter peeled off to the right for the arches, my advice was to follow.
Mark soon experienced the sensation of whirl pools, putting your paddle in and it disappearing into a void with not resistance felt and the sea taking you where it bloody wanted at times.
Some ferry gliding and eddy hoping and once through the bridges a sense of excitement and relief from Mark.
Back up to Caernarfon, a great evening and once again many tips given and taken on board, thanks Peter!
Flat batteries so it did,nt show us at our final landing point, past the castle and the laybye past the famous tea wagon.

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