Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Ormes

Friday and some of the good full time working folk were able to have an early dart from work, the weather was a scorcher so the call went out, OK the texts and we met at Craige y Don although with the tourist season upon us it was a tight fit.
Ade, Chris, Dave and John, it was to be Dave and Chris's first time to bag both Ormes.
Fantastic conditions with the sun shining and warm seas, off past the pier and rock hopping along the Great Orme, lunch and a beach landing near to the West Shore, back using the tides and across the Bay to the Little Orme and Angel bay. A couple of seals about and still some nesting.Although I have recently done a few rescues in anger its some time since I have been rescued and with some new company its reassuring for all so in I went.Warm waters and that inevitable gob full of sea water.
Some instruction like who tells you to try and get your boat straight its bloomin January and I,m feckin freezing and in slight shock you sort me boat out matey.
I did a couple and then great to see the guys having a play and getting wet, we need to plan a few more of these, practise makes perfect or is it perfect practise makes....... anyway what great opportunity to be introduced to the Ormes.

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