Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekend gathering

This weekend had been on the cards for some months and for Ian it coincided as the Solstice gathering.
The week leading up to it had been scorching with little winds so you can guess what happened on Friday yep winds.
The plans for the East side of Anglesey were abandoned and we launched at around 1730 from Aberffraw meeting Ian, Paul and Mike Bell.
Ian was in the Aleut 11 double and Mike was in his amazing hand built boat.
Managed to get down the river and off towards the Menai Bar.
A lovely evening although the stretch from Llandwyn to Abermenai seemed to take ages.
A fantastic wild camp site and supper on.
A great camp fire and after some liquid refreshment time for bed.
Saturday and we woke to some strong winds, due to a mishap with our tent we paddled to Caernarfon to buy one of Morrisons finest 3 person tent £20 and replenish some stocksIan prepares the doubleLlanddwyn Island
A strange find whilst on the wood collection
Caernarfon, wind in our face all the way a hard paddle followed by a roller coaster ride back
Men and fires bloomin great
Back from the shopping trip Ga unaware of the flag!!!
Day 3 and homeward bound
Calm before we turned right straight into the winds, wind against tide and lots of hull slapping well a little from me the GT performed well fully laden well chuffed with its performanceMikes new shallow water techniquesMost wanted, L/R Mike,Paul, Ian, Ga and me
What a great double, what a great weekend a pleasure to have met Mike and his fantastic kayak and to get to know the guys, we laughed, ate, drank, swore, put the World to rights, drank and occasionally paddled.

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Dr Blug said...

A tip top weekend.
Can't wait to do it again [soon]