Friday, 11 June 2010

Marks Rockpool trials

I have paddled with Mark for a few years and he also organised our superb trip to Norway.
He has recently given up smoking and as a goal the money that he would have used on such has been put away and he wanted something to celebrate his achievement.
He has obviously seen our Rockpools and he set out a criteria for his next boat, 1. Made in Wales,
2. A Rockpool
Right fairly straight now which one; we took the GT and Menai out launching from Dafarch heading towards Rhoscolyn.
A mixture of rock hopping and paddling out in the bays.
A quick stop to change over boats and for me a return in the Menai.
I forgot how comfortable and solid the Menai feels also the feel of space within the cockpit, a mixture of conditions with the wind picking up making it a good few hours for Mark to have a taste of both boats.
About 3 schools out and also a chance to have a go at the first Rockpool paddles.
Back to Mikes for a brew and both Mark and Mike spoke business yes boats ordered which ones well I think a Menai and an Alaw.
Another convert.

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