Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ians first sea paddle

Mike had spoken about his friend Ian and he had mentioned going out on the sea.
Apparently he had a slalom boat which went back to the days of his youth; and he had recently started up again and paddled the Dee with a friend.
Ian is an airline pilot and had travelled down from Newcastle today so he had a free evening.
We met at Craige Y Don Llandudno and off we set.
The wind blew and it was both dull and cold.
We headed for the pier and then went around the Great Orme.
Ian was doing well and settling into my Scorpio, we rounded the corner and the winds picked up, heads down and we continued on.
The problem being that each headland we went past the seas became choppier.
We decided to do an about turn and I carefully guided Ian, the seas were now a little lively with a decent swell, he did very well and again a different paddle with wind and tide with us.
Across Llandudno Bay to the Little Orme again on occasions with the wind picking up.
Landing just after seven miles and the main objective achieved Ian was dry.
The second newcomer within the Scorpio and also with the week.
He thoroughly enjoyed it and it looks like we may see Ian again.

See it was sunny when I arrived

Llandudno and the Great Orme my stomping ground

Mike you will go on my first whistle The Jones boats Doors to manual and landing gear up
Ady and the new inflatable Alaw

Approaching the Little Orme

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