Friday, 21 May 2010

Andy's maiden Gt voyage

I was scheduled to work for the whole week until arriving on Monday to be informed there was no training on Friday.
Already with that info looking at the forecast I had anticipated an evening paddle ……..not!
So off Friday, Gareth was working so I decided to take up JW’s offer for a paddle.
In fairness John had approximately 4 years ago had offered to have a paddle.
Mailed him and coincidentally he had arranged to meet his brother with his new GT and paddle around the Ormes.
Travelled from home to Llandudno in thick mist no worries it will soon clear…not well until 1400 hrs
Set off from near to the paddling pool near to Craig Y Don.
Managed to navigate to the pier around the corner to surprisingly 4 to 5 gannets on the sea, perhaps confused as with us to the lack of visibility.
Around the Ormes to the West Parade to oily seas and sunshine.
Back onto the tide to the Little Orme, lunch and then back to our launching point.
A great day and somewhat a pleasure to be in the company of the Willacy brothers.
A double GT without ice and lemon Andrews new toy
Hundreds of jelly fish about today

We found the pier
A very misty start

The tide was well out on our arrival for lunch, an abundance of cakes from the Willacy boys
The GT's Lunch spot

Eventually the Sun shone through on this side of Llandudno

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