Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Penrhyn Bay

Subject matter dodgy camera and lens fantastic cheers Mike
Call from Mike and Ade, Ade was going to finish work early and he had,nt been on the water for some time.
The Ormes again this time from Penrhyn Bay
Beautiful conditions with flat seas.
Mike brought his camera and that's what you call a camera.
Witnessed some Crows pillaging a nest.
Past the pier and within the first hour of the Spring tide making for some interesting conditions as we progressed further.
Up to the cave and then with the tide, into Llandudno Bay when the winds picked up.
Past the Little Orme and once again still seas, that section of coast changes by the minute.
A bit of everything tonight for Ade's long awaited outing.

Ade dusting some cobwebs off some time since he paddled

Hornby Cave, Spring tide starting to flood

Now that's a camera some great photos.....and no it would,nt float

Heading back on the Spring Tide Different views on the low tide

Wind picked up on the return in Llandudno Bay

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Richard said...

You certainly have been making the most of the recent good spell of weather, some great trips. I will definately have to venture up north in the not to distant future.