Saturday, 24 April 2010

Craig Y Don Thursday 23 April

A call from Mark around four to see if I was up for an evening paddle, this was subject to him finishing early as he was scheduled to officially stop at six.
Told him to ring me when and if he found out that he could have some time off, call received about half past four. I had already packed some gear so it was a case of loading the boat and away.Took the Scorpio it was nearest and easy to sort.
Arrived at Craig Y Don and shortly after joined by Mark.In all the rush I had forgotten to pack my PFD a first.
Although the tide was against us we used the bay and made our way to Hornby cave.Marks first time out this year and some cobwebs to get rid off.
Soon got to the cave, tucked into the coast and made our way back.The sea had changed to glassy conditions and there were some spectacular views of the coast with the sun shining through followed by the sun going down.Landed, boats on and just after half eight homeward bound.Light went about nine, what a great way to spend a couple of hours and yes no excuse for forgetting the PFD.

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