Saturday, 24 October 2009


Our original plan was to paddle from Benlech to Puffin and miss out on the SW winds which although not high if there was an increase it would afford us some protection.
A call from Mark changed our plans as he was trying out a Rockpool Menai and had some time constraints.
We decided to launch from Rhoscolyn and have a play nearby so giving Mark the opportunity as the tide flows well around and through the small islands to see how the kayak handled.
Beautiful calm seas on the journey there, and as usual a different story on the West side of the island.
The bay was calm as it’s well sheltered but it was clear that this was not the picture of calmness as I looked out onto white seas crashing against various stone outcrops.
The Coast Guard were also on the water’s edge as a local fishing boat had within the last 20 mins encountered engine problems and it had been dashed and sank on the rocks on the other side of the first visible island.
It had been so quick that the two guys had jumped off without calling it in or dawning lifejackets.
Thankfully they were safe but you could clearly smell the diesel and we were warned to stay well away and keep to the opposite sides to the flow of the tide.
A chance to use the cover of the bay and then dip our toes into a force 4 with good swells and some confusing seas, a test for all and a great place to try the Menai.
We also had a go at some surf and it was particularly interesting between the channel from the shore and Island.
Mark whilst surfing went in and an opportunity to do a rough water rescue, again he laughed and off we set.
A quick break and he had a go of my GT although he couldn’t get comfy with the smaller seat, I went out in the Menai and as before it just soaks up the rough water you could have your lunch on it as it’s so steady.
Mark left so Ga and I continued for a short time later.
I uncharacteristically had not brought my waterproof camera so the snaps are landside; the Cannon G10 is a tad too many pennies to get wet!
A session that built up confidence and Mark did well the biggest seas he had paddled in to date.

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