Thursday, 29 October 2009

Puffin X'ing

We launched from Penmaenmawr just after 1000, the sea was calm and there was very little wind, as we progressed it became both calmer and warmer in fact it was like glass.
Just as we approached the East side of the Island we could see another three kayakers approaching us.
We watched the display of seals on the corner and chatted to one of the guys, it was one of those “haven’t I seen you somewhere before moments” it was Olly Saunders and we recognised him from the DVD’s, what a gent we had a chat for about five minutes and we then carried on slowly taking in the seal display.
There were many about and also some young pups this was Mark and John’s first paddle around the Island and they were well thrilled.
Another two kayakers appeared two guys from Macclesfield, never seen so many paddlers.
Around the corner for a relaxed lunch and back to Pen, another two paddlers seen, that’s seven in one day and it’s an October on a Thursday.
The temperature of the wind was somewhat spooky it was a SE and felt like an electric fan it was so warm.
The wind picked up and we had some fun getting wet as the waves came directly towards us.
Ga was in my newly acquired Scorpio from Pete Baars, new skeg line fitted and hot off the press I sold the Alaw Bach on Tuesday in fact it was a moment of contemplation that is and was a great boat uuuhaaa!
What a glorious day again made very special by the seal population

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