Sunday, 6 September 2009


Upgaded my camera and gave Ga my old one.....well its the only way I'll ever get a photo of me on!!!!!

Decided to name the boat this time in both Welsh and English its actually the name of my house it was there when we bought it so that's all there is regarding the history of that name.

The winds had been high all week although there appeared a small slot on Sunday morning, due to the cover we decided on the Menai Straits.The seas driving along the coast looked calm but we decided to stick with plan A.

Launched just after 1000 with both tide and winds behind us we flew down towards the bridges. John was trying to get use to the waves behind him it does feel strange initially but he soon settled in.

There is always pay back time and after a brew and bite to eat it was a slog back. High winds over the tide created a variety of constant waves.The tide helped but it was hard work, some exciting stretches and a great way to settle into the new GT.

It performed well I was paddled along with a big smile on my face.

Oh yes no photos on the way back I tried once but due to the winds by the time I got the camera out my boat had turned around and the guys were 300 meters ahead!

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