Monday, 7 September 2009


Looked out to see that my kit had dried off from yesterdays paddle, the sun shone and prior to my good lady going to work she delivered a cup of tea and informed me that it was a glorious day.
Choices to make, one mandatory some shopping for tea, sorted next well go on so off to Conwy Morfa, a good tide again and off up the Conwy, a spring tide filled the river making it a very different place from my last visit.
Loads of birds, Herons by the dozen and a good show from the Egrets, also a Buzzard looking over the waters, typical camera out and it went.
A bite to eat at Trefriw followed by a confrontation by an absolute maniac of a fisherman, he spoke at me and straight away became aggressive, “had I not seen the signs the club owned the banks, river bed and I was causing damage and contributing nothing to the river.”
He was in his early 60’s although if he carries on I imagine his blood pressure will lead him into an early grave.
He even took his jacket off and threatened to set his dog on me.
Now my smiling face and pointing out that no one owns the water and asking him to calm down for some reason did not go down well, in fact he ran off up the bank to collect stones and started throwing them, school boyish or what.
Options, well was it worth a confrontation, allegations of assault it was a predictable outcome so about turn and I childishly shouted back at him.
I have heard of fisherman and their hatred for kayak's but a big surprise to experience it, wow like being back at my old job.
Waters now low on the last hour or so of the tide again a different river, just prior to Conwy and opposite Benarth woods a young seal on the sand bank brilliant never seen one on the river before a great end to the day.
Just over 25 miles, a great tired feeling.

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brian said...

Hi Dave

I'm one of the guys in the North shore boats.

Looks like you all had a good day too.

Surprisingly, even with the wind over tide conditions,we found things were actually a lot calmer around the Orme on our return than they were on the way out, plenty of fun surfing back into shore though.

Hope to see you on the water again sometime soon.


Brian Green